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Plz tell me how to take perfect pictures of sky from a Samsung device ( I don't have a flagship phone)
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Try with a tripod, it'll make your phone stable👍🏻
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Hi... here's few tips 😃

1. Use ultra wide lens if you have one on your device. If you don't have use panorama mode. (But don't capture large area)
2. Make sure your phone is stable
3. If you familiar with pro mode, try to use it.
4. Make some edits, colour gradings
(Adobe Lightroom, Google Snapseed are leading apps for this)

If you capture amazing shots please share with us in this community 😀

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Thank you 😊
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1. Use the 12 MP, f/2.2, 123˚ ultra wide lens on your device.
2. Make sure your phone HDR mode is enabled.
3. Or you can use pro mode by adjusting few setting manually
4. To Make it look awsome do some edits through
Adobe Lightroom highly recommend. Download I from Galaxy store it works best without lags or glitches.

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Thank you so much 😊Screenshot_20220320-231756_Camera.jpgScreenshot_20220320-231914_Galaxy Store.jpgScreenshot_20220320-232108_Camera.jpg
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Use ultra wide camera for that. It's perfect for such things