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Samsung problems

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Samsung will never fix lagging issue, and galaxy a32 finger print not working properly even after getting android 13 update 
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Dear Samsung Member,

Greetings from Samsung Customer Support!

As per your query, we would request you to kindly perform the following steps to resolve your issue.

Galaxy device lagging issue:
Check space availability
Kindly check the space on your device:
Path: Settings > Battery and device Care > Storage
To improve the device performance there should be sufficient space.

Kindly check the RAM in your device:
Path: Settings > Battery and device Care > Memory
The device's RAM should be free to improve performance. So clear the RAM memory once a day

Clear app cache through Device care:
Settings > Device care > Storage > CLEAN NOW.

Note: To delete files or uninstall apps that you do not use anymore, select a category under USER DATA. Then, tick items to select and tap DELETE or UNINSTALL.

The clear cache memory of a particular application:
Settings > Apps > Now pick the app that you like to clear off the cache memory > Storage > Clear Cache.

Close Background Apps

Is there any unnecessary application running in the background?
Too many applications running in the background may cause the device to hang. Kindly close the background running applications in the device (''Tap the left side key & close the background running application'').

Check your device in safe mode: https://www.samsung.com/in/support/mobile-devices/safe-mode-on-samsung-phones/

Galaxy device fingerprint issue:
Ensure that your fingers are clean and dry.
If the skin on your fingertips is peeling or cracking, or your fingerprint is difficult to capture, the fingerprint ID on your phone may not work.
If your fingerprints fail to unlock the phone while the phone is recharging, remove it from the charger and try again. If you are charging the phone with a charger and data cable from other brands when you use fingerprints to unlock the phone, they may interfere with the fingerprint sensor and cause the recognition to fail.

Clean the fingerprint sensor:
Clean the fingerprint sensor with a soft cloth. Make sure the fingerprint sensor is dry and free from any debris that may cause the sensor to be unable to recognize fingerprints.

Remove fingerprint and set up fingerprint again:

Remove the current fingerprint and set up the fingerprint again. When you touch the sensor to set up your fingerprint, make sure you set the entire fingerprint, including the outer area of your fingertip. Setting the entire fingerprint area enables successful fingerprint recognition with any grip.

How to remove Fingerprint: Settings > Biometrics and Security > Fingerprints > Fingerprint1 > Remove > Remove again to confirm.

How to Set up Fingerprint: Settings > Biometrics and Security > Fingerprints > Add Fingerprint > Scan your fingerprint > Place your finger on the sensor, then lift it off when you feel a vibration > Continue >
Reposition your finger each time to capture the edge of your fingerprint > Tap on Done.

Fingerprint added successfully.

Update the software if available: https://www.samsung.com/in/support/mobile-devices/samsung-galaxy-smartphone-how-to-update-software/

Reset your device: https://www.samsung.com/in/support/mobile-devices/samsung-galaxy-mobile-how-to-perform-a-factory-res...

In case the issue still occurs. Please visit the service center for a physical inspection of your device. You can locate your nearest service center with this given link: https://www.samsung.com/in/support/service-center/

Thank you for writing to Samsung.

Warm Regards,
Samsung Customer Support