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Updates are one of the biggest problems facing the Android ecosystem, as some devices are abandoned far before their time, and others are delayed for months. Samsung has done an excellent job in improving both the speed and frequency of its updates, and over the past year it has also been expanding the length of support. Today, Samsung is announcing a full additional year of security updates for every Galaxy device released since 2019.

For the first two years, Samsung provides devices with monthly security updates (pending delays by carrier partners and may vary by device), and then devices are dropped down to quarterly updates. Samsung publicly lists this information on a website. During this added fourth year, Samsung will be providing “regular” security updates, meaning they could only occur once or twice during that year.

Still, that’s better than nothing. Google, for instance, cuts off support for Pixels entirely after three years, leaving those devices without any promised security or system updates. Most other Android OEMs promise only two years, and often don’t live up to that. Notably, Samsung has had this four-year policy in place for Enterprise devices for over a year.

This updated policy for Samsung applies to over 40 devices going back to the Galaxy S10 and Note 10, as well as Galaxy A, Z, XCover, and Note devices. The full list includes:

Galaxy S:

  • S10
  • S10+
  • S10e
  • S10 5G
  • S10 Lite
  • S20 5G
  • S20+ 5G
  • S20 Ultra 5G
  • S20 FE 5G
  • S21 5G
  • S21+ 5G
  • S21 Ultra 5G

Galaxy Note:

  • Note10
  • Note10+
  • Note10+ 5G
  • Note20 5G
  • Note20 Ultra 5G

Galaxy Foldable:

  • Fold
  • Z Fold2 5G
  • Z Flip
  • Z Flip 5G

Galaxy A:

  • A10e
  • A20
  • A50
  • A11
  • A21
  • A51
  • A51 5G
  • A71 5G

Galaxy Tab:

  • Tab Active Pro
  • Tab Active3
  • Tab A 8 (2019)
  • Tab A with S Pen
  • Tab A 8.4 (2020)
  • Tab A7
  • Tab S5e
  • Tab S6
  • Tab S6 5G
  • Tab S6 Lite
  • Tab S7
  • Tab S7+

Galaxy XCover:

  • XCover FieldPro
  • XCover Pro