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Samsung just try and give us something different please

(Topic created on: 02-14-2024 09:53 PM)
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Galaxy A
Look your phone's one of the best phone's and I know it's a competition with Apple mostly but to be honest please and as I say please I really really mean please stop on mostly on the camera''ll must try and see what do people want I know the camera counts I'm just trying to say please try focus on the features the accessories the everything.. 
I believe that you'll are the best brand of phone's it's just that you'll aren't really giving us what others want like let me put it like this...
Almost like 50% - 60% of people like phone's because of the camera quality but what about the rest of the 50% - 40% of people..
Personally google assistant is like a best friend it's just that it has alot of bugs and issues..
But I'm telling you'll if you'll could be able to make Google assistant work perfectly people would like that and you'll know they would buy them because Iphone is mostly about camera but they never thought about the bugs and issues that Siri has so imagine you'll being able to improve Google assistant people would buy you'ller phone's and you'll could make a big investment... just please samsung just try

By Dylan. Thankxxx

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They are not gonna listen to you dude...they dont even know when One UI 6 will arrive for certain devices
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Google assistant is a Google product, not a Samsung product. Android is also a Google product which is the OS for Samsung phones. Samsung just overlay their customized one ui skin over it. You cannot ask Samsung to improve Google assistant unfortunately.
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Thanks we learn every day