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Samsung a11

(Topic created on: 08-24-2022 07:32 AM)
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I have a samsung a11 phone it's battery is dying very fast how can I fix the issue I tried every thing in my phone but it still dying can some help mee

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If you are facing battery drain issues check this out..

Better & I tired it, works great overall


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Thank you 👍.
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Hi... can you share your average screen on time?
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Hey bro try these settings on your phone 📲
1.go to the power saving mood then you can see 3 things on it. On these settings
*limit CPU speed to 70%
*decrease brightness by 10%
*limit apps and home screen
2.use dark mood
3.use brightness level between 0%-30%
4.turn off Auto rotation
5.If you use mobite data change to the wifi
6.turn off bluetooth and some unused options.
7.if you have lot of unused apps, zip or sleep these apps

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wow thiese steps really works👍