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Some People's Always Ask Why Samsung Updates Always Late & Apple Update Their iPhones On Same Days When Update Release...

Apple Only Have One Model Of each And Only One Region, But In Otherhand Samsung Have Many Model's Of Same Phone Like F,H,G,I,U,T,FD and Many Regions Like PAK,IND,AAF,HOR, And Many More & Also Have Many Phones To Update, So That's Why Samsung Updates Are Always Late Than Others, And Apple Only Release 1 Phone In a Year But Samsung Release Almost 10 Phone A Year 2 Flagship, 4 Midrange, 4 Budget Phones & Samsung Make It's on UI On Android So Take Time To Fix It Make It Add More Features It's Not Stock Android Just Like Pixel... & Samsung Update Schedule Is To First Update Its Flagship Phones Then 1 Year Old Flagships After This Midrange Phones Than 1 Year Old Midranges Phone Than After This Budget Phones...So Its Very Difficult To Make One Android Update For All This Phones & With Its On UI & Add And Change Features, Regions, Models. So That's Why Samsung Updates Are Very Late.
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