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Samsung TalkBack

(Topic created on: 05-26-2023 09:40 PM)
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Currently facing a lot of problems with Samsung talkback, in this we are not able to read any text, with this the talkback stops suddenly, it seems that the phone has been hanged, since this is a new feature Image describe has been given, we should be given the option to turn it off so that we can use the phone well by turning it off because when it is on, it works automatically in many places where it is not needed, so that I am having a lot of problems with my phone. Don't know why Samsung is not giving update of Samsung Talkback in its phone due to its arbitrariness, due to this reason we are not getting any features of Google Talkback whereas Google Talkback updates are always available in other company's mobile phones. I also have a suggestion that all the features which are seen in Google Talkback in other companies' phones should also be given in Samsung Talkback, features like select to speak accessibility menu are not available, please make them available as soon as possible.
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Dear Samsung Member,

Greetings from Samsung Customer Support!

Thank you for sharing your feedback. We have noted down the feedback. We are continuously working for making our products better and more efficient.

Thank you for writing to Samsung.

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