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Samsung Policies

(Topic created on: 05-22-2023 03:33 PM)
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Galaxy A
According to Samsungs Update Policies some phone models get monthly patches while others will get quarterly etc but I have noticed that in certain countries especially in the USA phone models that should get quarterly updates gets monthly patches and updates while here in South Africa we get it quartely.Why is this happening why is Samsung South Africa allowing other countries to be favoured when it goes against Samsungs own update policy.I know America will always be favoured cause Samsung are partnered with them and rely on Google and Android but it doesnt change the fact that this is unfair and it goes against their own update policy.We here in South Africa needs to stand up to this unfair treatment I blame Samsung South Africa for doing nothing about this cause these people are really clueless and dont know what they are doing.They are fast asleep in this country and many of these people in SA shouldnt be in the the positions they are today.Its all cause of the BEE government mandate they they are in these positions.But if really intelligent people were in these positions in Samsung South Africa then us Samsung mobile phone customers in SA wouldnt be getting this unfair treatment when it comes to software deployment.Its also cause they here in SA themselves are clueless when it comes to Samsung's update policy