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Samsung OS Public Beta Testing

(Topic created on: 04-28-2020 12:42 PM)
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As many already know, Samsung released an update for the Galaxy A70 phone, which brought Android 10 to that device. It was a terrible release fraught with severe bugs: 

It led to, amongst others, the following issues:

1. Camera.
2. Battery.
3. Heating. 
4. Various applications, such as OneNote sync.
5. Charging.
6. Device bricking. 
7. Clicking noise.
8. Etc.

It is difficult for devs in isolation to completely test an OS update before release. Once customers take possession of their devices, they customize it to their liking. So it is impossible that Samsung's devs can test an upcoming update in every real world scenario. 

I was also surprised when at the start of the Android 10 update development it was indicated that there would be no public betas, closed or open.

Given the fiasco that the last release was, it may make all the sennse for Samsung to conduct either a closed or an open public beta testing programme, for a period of time.

I hope Samsung considers this. The kind of disruption and pain the last [and now pulled] update caused should never happen again. 

Thank you. 
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Thank you for your support and your feedback.

Feedback was shared to concerned team.

Thank you

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you must fixed the beta program solution for us.those who bought our fone from dubai