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Samsung Glaxy A54 Laggy Experience

(Topic created on: 07-29-2023 09:32 PM)
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I'm using samsung a54 for a month & my experience with a $450 cell phone not as good as i thought before buting it. I switched to samsung after long 6 yeara & still feel that Chinese companies do better job in term of optimization & processing power. Samsung just focus on coping things from apple & bulling it in a non sesible way. Insead of coping it make you own identity just like an apple. I will most probably shift to iphone 15 inshaAllah after launch. I want this phone to use as secondary driver but at last it's samsung device who is jittery & laggy. Please try to give users at least $450 experience 🙏 
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Your feedback is highly appreciated, and we understand your frustrated feeling. However, If the phone is facing issues, please visit the service center for further check and investigations.