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Samsung Galaxy a50 android 10 update

(Topic created on: 05-29-2020 01:42 AM)
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Guys new bug occurred today apps are showing some 503 code errors and keeps crashing again and again on offline mode too. Specially Netflix and hot star. 
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Since the time I have updatrd to UI3.1 their is a problem with many apps. In the notification plannel, I see new notification but when I click on it relevant app opens but it does not show any content. E.g their is a notification that new mail has come but when I open Gmail, no new mails are showing. Same is with LinkedIn, Facebook etc where there are notification but when I click no new content is available. It gives connectivity error where as both mobile and wifi are working fine. Can u pl help either solving it or let me know how to go back to earlier version of OS...