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Samsung Galaxy A53 vs. A52: What are the major differences?

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These mid-range Android phones are more similar than you think

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Samsung Galaxy A53 vs. Galaxy A52: Compared specifications.


Design and build 

At first sight, you will have difficulty finding the differences between the Galaxy A52 and A53. Both phones are similar, with the latest entrant in the A series with a slightly modified rear camera housing. The new phone also goes by a headphone jack, but it is not likely that many people will regret it. Apart from that, they sport Gorilla Glass at the front, a plastic back, an in-display optical fingerprint reader, a punch display, stereo speakers, and IP67 certification. The Galaxy A53 is 0.3mm thinner than the old model, but there isn't any change in its weight.


The Galaxy A53 and A52 5G are the same in the display section. They feature an AMOLED FHD+ 6.5 in 120Hz display with HDR10+ protected by Gorilla Glass 5. With a 120Hz reAt 120Hz refresh rate, the animations and UI interactions will be silky smooth on The A52's 4G variant was also equipped with a similar-sized display, but with a lower 90 Hz refresh rate.

Do note that unlike high-end Galaxy S and Fold devices, the mid-range Galaxy A phones don't get adaptive refresh rate. This means the display will not dynamically adjust its refresh rate to save battery life. In direct sunlight, the display panels on the two Galaxy A phones can reach 800 nits.

Samsung's phones are known for excellent displays, and its mid-range offerings won't disappoint you in this aspect. The phones also feature Always On Display that you can customize a fair bit.


The Samsung Galaxy A52 runs on a Snapdragon 750G chip system - a capable piece of silicon you'll find in many mid-range phones starting in 2021. For the Galaxy A53, Samsung is turning to its own Exynos 1280 chipset, and the result is expected to be a small increase in performance.

Battery & Charging 

Samsung has gone with a larger battery for the Galaxy A53, choosing a 5,000 mAh cell instead of the 4,500 mAh in the Galaxy A52. Unfortunately, it did not result in a longer battery life in the tests that were done.

The two phones support fast charging of 25W, although Samsung is no longer packing a power adapter with its 2022 mid-range Galaxy A-series phones. 

If you don't already have a USB-PD fast charger, you'll have to spend extra money to get one, but at least that means you get to select you can choose from among the best USB-C PPS chargers on the market.

Due to the bigger battery, the Galaxy A53 takes a bit more time to charge than the A52. A full charge is expected to take approximately 75 minutes.

Software Updates

When the Galaxy A52 launched last year, Samsung promised three years of software updates and an extra year of security updates. Although this is not as complete as what Apple provides iPhone owners, it is generous by the standards of Android device manufacturers.


The cameras of the Galaxy A53 are identical to those of the Galaxy A52, up to the number of lenses and the apertures of each lens. Neither the phone has a telephoto lens, as this is a feature Samsung reserves for the Galaxy S lineup.
Price & Availability 

In Asia and other key global markets, the latest entry in the A series is significantly more expensive than last year's model. 

Samsung's Galaxy A53 5G - 8GB RAM and 128GB storage price starts at 145,000 LKR in Sri Lanka (about $399) @Greenware.lk

Samsung's Galaxy A52 - 8GB RAM and 128GB storage price starts at 115,000 LKR in Sri Lanka (about $317) @Greenware.lk


If you have a Galaxy A52 from last year, you're not likely to want to switch to the new model. 

You don't buy a new mid-range phone to make a difference each year, and the few differences there aren't big enough to make a necessary upgrade. 

If at all, the Samsung Galaxy A53 vs. Galaxy A52 changes illustrate just the gradual improvements you can expect from Samsung mid-range phones year over year.

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