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Samsung Galaxy A02 Android 12 petition

(Topic created on: 01-19-2023 08:48 AM)
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We Galaxy A02 (SM-A022F/G/M) owners and M02 owners have waited since September of 2021 for any word officially from Samsung about the Galaxy A02 getting Android 12. We have heard nothing. We were told all devices from 2019 onwards would officially get 2 OS updates. We were given Android 12 owner's manuals for this device. But still nothing. We have been told that they will not put updates out before they are due. Well Samsung said July of 2022 it would come, and it never did. We have asked begged pleaded. Only to see other devices older devices get updated. I say we start a petition here. Tell Samsung that we are done waiting and want our update that they put all over the internet. The update they said would come on their members app. We have stood by and watched from the side lines while the ancient Galaxy S6 got updated, we watched and waited while older J models got updated. We were put to the side as other models got Android 13 One UI 5.0 and now pushed aside while these models get Android 13 One UI 5.1. When is our turn? The cheaper more inferior Galaxy A01 even started getting Android 12 back in late November. But we have gotten nothing. No answers but silence from Samsung, treating the device never existed except for one security patch that could have been bundled with an update. I say no more, we have waited long enough. Tell your friends who own an A02, tell people who you see who own an A02, to come here reply to this thread. Have them write. "I want my Android 12 update for my A02." I am starting. Remember even online magazines are asking now where it is.

I want my Android 12 update for my A02.

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