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Samsung's Galaxy S and Note series flagships come equipped with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), but according to the latest report coming out of South Korea, we'll see some top models in Samsung's Galaxy A lineup also feature OIS technology next year. This won't be the first time Samsung will include OIS in its Galaxy A lineup, though. We've seen Galaxy A series smartphones with OIS before, but the company has now reportedly decided to pack OIS on its Galaxy A lineup again due to the increased competition in the mid-range segment. Besides, the sales of Samsung's 2020 flagships have also been less than stellar and the company might be planning to make up for it with the Galaxy A lineup by including enticing features like OIS. There's no word from Samsung about the inclusion of OIS on its Galaxy A series yet, but the A72 is expected to be one of the first smartphones in the lineup to come with OIS.