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Samsung A70 not starting after Android 10 update

(Topic created on: 05-21-2020 05:57 AM)
Beginner Level 2
Galaxy A
Yesterday I got a notification in my Samsung A70 that new Android 10 version is available for download. I I started the update and it downloaded the new version did all the things and then restarted the phone.. after that it got stuck in the 2nd screen that displays the SAMSUNG logo. I waited for approx an hour for the phone to come up, but nothing happened.
I then forcefully restarted the phone with the power button hoping that it will correct the problem. But same.
I read somewhere that pressing and holding the power button along with the volume down key will start the phone in debugging mode.. but that is not happening.
I am in deep trouble without my phone at this time of pandemic. PLEASE HELP!!
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Galaxy A
pls visit samsung service center. I have read that there is bug which prevent the phone from booting up. it will be stuck at samsung logo after the update. kindly visit nearst samsung service center