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Samsung A52 handsfree's microphone is low

(Topic created on: 09-26-2021 12:26 PM)
Beginner Level 2
Galaxy A
I bought this mobile in may 2021, everything is working perfectly except when i connect handsfree/handphone to call on whatsapp or local call, microphone is quite low. People cant hear me clearly unless i bring microphone very near to my mouth. I have checked others headphone but this issue is persistant. Please suggest any resolution. 

Expert Level 5
Galaxy A
Bro it's happens to all if handfree microphone is far sound is very low other person hear your voice dim
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Galaxy A
I am using samsunga52 since 4 months. This device comes with many issues. I am sharing few of them, that are important to discuss.
1. Volume control float window, today i adjust volume and it appear but never go off. I try to make it disappear but i was unable to do that even i cant shutdown the device, because the shutdown option goes beneath that window. Then i use another method to shutdown the device and then it goes off.

2. When i make call, the window that shows the contact detail, time of call, hold , silent and other options. In that window on the upper left corner of the screen there is a time that always stay there. But during call time got stop, when call start. Until unless you end the call. And it goes forward to exact time .

3. Often 1 in 100 calls, someone called me but i did not get from where call is coming. Just device is ringing. But when the device stop ringing, there was miscall detail shown in call tabs.

4. Once i tried to call...... there are more issues

5. During charge if you use the device it shows accidental touch screen.

6. When i want to send message and search a contact, it show results after 23 seconds. But if i directly search a contact it appears imgiately, Although it has 8GB ram.

7. This device support two Bluetooth outputs at the same time. It can play music to two devices but i just able to play it first time when i connect two devices. After that i try hard to get into that setting but failed. There is no way to reach at that settings after adding two devices.

8. My sim cards are working. Some time people told me that your mobile was off. And i said no it was on. Then i tried my self. From other device i call my number. It was ON and after some time i called again and it was off even my device was on and signals were full.

9. When you try to call someone. This device take long time.

10. Verification messages like login to your account and got message for registration.
Messages come late. Sometime very late.

>No autocallrecorder
>no app locker
>if you move app to secure safe you have to login again.