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Samsung A52 5G Restarting constantly

(Topic created on: 03-23-2024 06:16 AM)
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Galaxy A
Hey guys, I need help! My wife's A52 5G keeps restarting constantly it is two days now. Sometimes it could switch on, but once you start opening menus it would freeze and reboot. Any solution?
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Galaxy A
Could be caused by some 3rd party app that is installed. If you know more or less when it started happening, look for apps or games that were maybe installed recently. Then uninstall one at a time and monitor if the phone still restarts. If that doesn't work or you only have the standard apps that came with the phone you might need to do a factory reset and set the phone up from scratch. If that still does not work then it may be a hardware issue in which case you might need to get it repaired.