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Samsung A50 Feb Update

(Topic created on: 03-04-2020 12:34 PM)
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Good day to all,

i've come by this to share a piece of my discontent with Samsung. I've bought this Samsung A50 to replace my old Huawei 10 Lite ( That still works perfectly btw ) in order of a mid stream phone that would give me a fresh air of new tec. 

1st month ( before update ) figerprint and overheating ( in charging and on pocket )

3nd month ( after update ) bad connection with Wifi, BT, Location. and still bad recognition of finger print

5th month ( other update ) still fingerprint low on recognition and some stuttering on the apps with minor bugs allover the place, BUT STILL A GOOD UPDATE THAT I STILL THINK AND WAS THE MORE STABLE ONE OVERALL.

6/7 month ( last FEB update ) compleatly ruin the experience. Stuttering of apps, phone sometimes turn off all by itself and since yesterday simply just wont charge ( only charge if via USB connected to the computer and very veryyyyyy slowly. It takes almost 12h/+ to reach to 70%.

Already try all; USB debugging, Power settings, you name it.


In resume, i'm gonna send it to SC and i'm gonna be without the phone that i use not only as a personal use but as a working tool and gonna use my old ( BUT FUNCTIONING HUAWEI 10 LITE ) until it comes the phone from repair or trade to new one. Then sell it, send to trash, anything.

1 thing i can say after this, i'm a very loyal person when it comes to brands and now i feel that i should have braked my leg that day or something to stop me from get this product before.

Very, very disappointed with Samsung products ( have a 4k TV that is all about bugs. Didn't learn with that mistake...)

Since will be like this it will have a major negative impact on my life, the conclusion is:

Samsung  = Never "ever" again


Note: Samsung there is no need to send that computer message like "i'm sorry for the situation, **bleep** or go to Service Center...**bleep**" because that doesn't change the fact of your bad products and very bad updates.

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also have a50 but no problem like that🙄