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Samsung A33 5g (Need help)

(Topic created on: 02-26-2024 11:42 PM)
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I am noticing that my Samsung's A33 5g back panel is very slightly coming off from the left side what do you guys think that the battery is swelling or its just that panel is coming off by itself i am asking this because i also A72 and that also has the same problem where if i rub my finger on back panel i can feel bumps and the same is happening on my a33 5g so what do you guys think 🤔 (a33 5g battery is in the middle covering left and right both sides )
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It is just pannel thats coming off. Go to samsung service centre nearby to you. And ask them to replace gum/ sticky tape inside. If it is in warranty then will be free. If it is not then they will charge according to model but roughly about 3500 rupees required
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the A series has a plastic panel on the back and according to my experience with my A51
i also sometimes feel bumps or dents or somewhat like that, but I don't think you should be concerned about that.
if you do feel like the back panel may come off, go to a Samsung service center to take a look at the panel.
About the battery swelling, I suggest you could check and see if your phone shows any symptom of battery swelling like bad battery life, or the phone charges faster or slower etc.
hope this helps

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Okay well i am keeping the phone as it is if my battery swells or something back panel comes off i I'll just get it fixed and going to sell it i am saying that because I switched from s7 edge to a33 5g and seriously I don't think it was much of an upgrade.i still have my s7 edge but it has a very different feeling so I'll be switching to S series in future.I would say i do gaming editing photography heavy usage on a33 5g its better than s7 edge but s7 edge has the hand feeling (Aluminium frame) so I'll go for s series next time.
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Overall old flaship phone (S series) are better than the mid-range phones (A series) but lacking new features in some cases. Id say old S is better than the new A