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Most of the A Series and M series Phones facing Automatic Restart Issue across their devices.

Im also one of them, Who faced this Problem.

In my Case, Started Facing this issue feb 2021 security Update. 

I waited till march, But Nothing Resolved via Software Updates instead, Phone Getting Worse.

Last 10 days of march, Phone completely dead, Rarely Turns On.

Visited Service Center, After Inspection They Stated that MotherBoard is Short Circuited. So Need to replace MotherBoard Which Cost around 8k TO 8.4k (For Galaxy A50s) (My Phone is Out of Warranty)


Engineer itself told, out of 5 phones one phone getting those restart problem. If Its in warranty we replace with free of cost. and He also recommends Dont Update Software Update Via Mobile Data.


Im unable to spend another 20 thousand on new phone.


I suggest that, If anyone facing this issue if your phone is in warranty visit service center as soon as possible.
if out of warranty, If your phone is in working condition better exchange the mobile (50% Chance)

orelse if you have money better buy an new phone or repair the phone. option is yours !!!!!

If You Changing an motherBoard, It comes with 3 month accessory warranty.

And changing an motherboard is equal to new phone (Completely new internals as new mobile)


And But for Sure I'm NEVER EVER going to buy or recommend a SAMSUNG PRODUCTS to my circle.

Compleletly Lost an Faith ! 

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Galaxy A

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