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Picture Edit

(Topic created on: 04-29-2023 02:09 PM)
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Galaxy A
Is there any Samsung built in or download able picture editing app?
As the photo editor option in Gallery is the worst having just a few basic features which are themselves not helpful enough.
I have Samsung galaxy A50 and I use my mobile for studying and sometimes I need to take pictures of notes and if I try to do some editing in notes, I have to face very bad experience.
Its feature for making collage is also very useless limited only to 1:1 or 9:16 frame.

In short, Samsung should provide features in its software that might really be helpful just not limited to names.

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Active Level 9
Galaxy A
No brother you have to side load some apps from play store for editing. Samsung only provides Photo editor in gallery.
For notes saving, pdf making and MS word stuff -- download office 365 (it's free)

But open PDF files in Google drive app

For collage and profile pics - download 'No Crop'

For quality edits - download 'snapseed'

For Urdu poetry on pics download - 'urdu shairi'