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Redmi phones are better than Samsung phones. I bought A34 5g and I regret buying this phone. They claim 5 years updates but no major update for this phone till now. My buds 2 pro keeps disconnecting but it works fine with s22. 
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I don't trust A or S series or any the high end Smartphones because both of them are way to expenses then M series phone everyone hates M series phone but I am using it personally and it is not that bat at all so it is good because it is from India made in India got in India with 6000 mah battery that Global version will only get 5000 Galaxy m33 5G it is not waterproof but it has NFC Bluetooth 5.0 fast charging but the display is not AMOLED it is TFT Display!
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Your A34 phone should be updated to the latest software version, Android 13. Please ensure that your device is running this update for optimal performance.
At this time, Android 14 has not been released to all devices. The announcement for the Android 14 update will be made on Samsung Members, and we encourage you to stay tuned for further information.
For the buds issue, we recommend the following steps:
Open the Samsung Wearable app on your phone.
Navigate to "About Buds."
Select "Reset Buds."
Additionally, try resetting the network settings from the device settings:
Open device settings.
Go to General.
Select Reset.
Choose Reset Network Settings.
CAUTION: This action deletes all network information, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings.

These steps are designed to address the issues you've encountered.