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Phone Problem

(Topic created on: 08-16-2023 08:46 AM)
Beginner Level 4
Galaxy A
My phone will shutdown on15% what is tge problem help
Galaxy A
Because you phones battery is telling you it getting flat and needs to be charged or do you think your phones battery works on parafin
Active Level 6
Galaxy A
Could be many reasons, depends how long you have had the phone, how many charge cycles it's been through, what type of charger used and plugged in for how long.

First things first - run a battery test in your Phone Digistics (you'll find it in the Samsung Members App under support)

Do this first and based on what response you get back, you can start trouble shooting in other areas.

In my experience, a drastic drop from 15% to zero instantly (assuming that's what you meant here) means your battery is stuffed.