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Overheating Problems A70, keeping the mobile in the fridge

(Topic created on: 08-18-2019 10:26 AM)
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Galaxy A
I'm facing an overheating problem with A70
Mostly when using video calls of Viber or WhatsApp... then the mobile restarts like 4-5 times continuously. 
I have been putting it in the fridge to cool it down...
But what really upsets me that whenever I post the problem to the support they have only 2 answers 
- use the mobile in safe mode ( without any application running) !!!!!!!!.
What's the use of doing that if the problem occurs because of apps using hardware components like the camera. 
- backup the mobile then set the phone to factory reset!!!!!!! 
No comment on that unprofessional solution .
I'm sure the problem related to camera discharging high current level from the battery which overheats the motherboard causes the mobile to restart...