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New Android 12 leak gives early look at several upcoming features, renewed UI an

(Topic created on: 08-25-2022 02:05 AM)
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Currently, every smartphone manufacturer is committed to completing the delivery of the Android 11 update to their eligible phones. However, the 11th-generation Android operating system is not yet available for all compatible devices, and Google is preparing to release the first public beta of Android 12 next month.


In early February 2021, the US tech giant released the first preview version of Android 12 developers, giving us a glimpse of the next iteration of Android before its public release. At the same time, our folks over at XDADevelopers specifically spoke about the upcoming features and enhancements of Android 12. Below you can check the list of the leaked features of Android 12.

  • Native Scrolling Screenshot
  • New App Pairs feature for Split Screen Multitasking
  • Access Google Assistant through the power button
  • New Quick Settings buttons
  • Major optimizations for tablet
  • Attractive design changes

Native Scrolling Screenshot

Starting with the previously leaked feature, it is an important feature today, and yes, I am talking about screenshots. So, in the end, we have a strong hint about the native scroll screenshot function, which will become part of Android 12. This feature allows users to capture the entire page in one screenshot.



New App Pairs feature for Split-Screen Multitasking

Now, in the second leaked feature of Android 12, this feature has been added to the “split-screen” multitasking feature. The newly added “App Pair” allows you to re-arrange two apps on the split-screen by double-clicking the area between the two apps.

Access Google Assistant via the power button

Talking about the third method, just hold down the power button to access Google Assistant. So far, just say OK Google / Hey Google or swipe from the lower right corner of the smartphone running Android 11 to open this feature.



New Quick Settings Button

When it comes to Quick settings, Android 12 will certainly include a redesigned button. After updating to the next version of Android, you can access “Device Control” through the new Quick Settings by opening the drop-down menu. In addition, if you set the power button as a voice assistant, you can also turn off the power of your smartphone through the newly added power-off button.

Major optimizations for tablet

For users who use large-screen devices (also known as tablets), Google will try to enhance the user experience with the next version of Android. With Android 12, users will get a taskbar that can help simplify multitasking on a tablet, so that they can multitasking on open applications and access frequently used applications.


Attractive design changes

The volume control has been redesigned in the new version of Android. The new controls are thicker and more stylish than before. The brightness control on the notification panel is also thick and round. After opening the application, the animation will also change. The new application has a splash screen animation automatically generated by the operating system.


Applications still displaying screen animations originally still have issues, but we hope that Google can adjust the release time of Android 12. When you open the application drawer, a new animation will also appear, which is faster and bounces more than before.


After the setting is complete, the Ripple and Super Volume effects will change, and they now have new animations that can make the UI smooth. A new charging animation was introduced in Android 12. When you plug in your phone and feel distracted and comfortable, the animation will appear as it will not distract the user.

Android 12 will also have better privacy features, notification and location permissions, and management of applications and alerts. New emojis will also be introduced with the release. Please note that this is not the final version of Android 12, and some features may not be available.

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I have a software problem in A30s
It does not play media audio on main speaker but it is playing ringtone. Can you help?