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As mobile phones receive frequent updates, the update can be good or bad. Even though it was tested, should take user feedback or experience. 
Recently I received a patch update and which causes the Google maps few features. From notification panel when I try to open maps, maps app open and stuck. Nothing gets loaded. Shows white screen. If I open normally, then it is fine. 
I faced this issue on the recent patch update. Like this many might have faced. Provide feedback option. It would be good if it is in about device.

I saw same kind of feature in tizen os. Please check and add. Also resolve the issue. 

Ultimately quality matters...which can be improved with user feedback.

There is another issue that used to face is with music. When I connect headphone and click on play button (in headphone) , music won't start. I have to start the music with mobile phone, then onwards I will be able to control music. This issue happens not only at the start, happens even time delay exist between the headphone usage. 
This is clearly a bug, i dont know why it did not caught in testing.

Beginner Level 3
Hi mittu,
it really helps. As I started using samsung members. I am able to send error report or feedback.
my point is , there should be an option in settings.
any way, thanks for your detailed reply.