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Media sounds a videos FF

(Topic created on: 06-12-2021 02:44 PM)
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I eagerly waiting for an answer for a issue after the update of Android 11. 1.Totally media sounds are not working. 2.All the videos playing fast forward FB,YT and gallery videos. 3.Sometime so much lags (I don't actually care the lag but above both issues a really annoying) 4. Device is auto restarting and freezing in Samsung logo it takes 20mins to get on. I did a master reset when I firstly experienced this issue once worked and again the same issue. I turned on from safe mode again the issue came as above. I tried to find solution tricks from blogs and pages but in all keeps saying above options to troubleshoot but no response. **I didn't had these kind of issues from previous update Android 10** Waiting for a quick solution if anyone facing the same problem. 
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Maybe try installing a custom ROM?