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Issue with Bluetooth connectivity when connect to Blaupunkt Las Vegas 900 Car Android Head Unit

(Topic created on: 2/28/21 12:20 PM)
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Pls help to rectify issues on A51 bluetooth connection when connected to Blaupunkt Las Vegas 900 Head Unit. It able to connect but it just gives sound like a lot of disturbance with "krikkriking" sound and the actual sound seems faded. 


Verified with other similar model of A51, also FAILED miserably and giving the same problem. 


But when verified using OPPO 93 and IPHONE 8....all seems fine and function and works beautifully with Blaupunkt Las Vegas 900 head unit.


Samsung Team...I may lose trust on your product as other brand doesn't have such basic and fundamentals issue....what I meant is "Bluetooth" Issues...what a shame. Please rectify ASAP as many other will face a similar problem too.

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