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I'm facing heating issue on my a54

(Topic created on: 08-17-2023 11:43 PM)
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The phone gets too much heat when watching tik tok. Don't know why. And after I restart device. Phone completely heats for 5 minutes and will cooldown. And I'm not satisfying with the battery life. I have charged my phone 100% today at 4am and now 10.9pm its 41% 

Used WhatsApp with mobile data. No power saving mood. Disappointed thing is battery drain and overheat issue. 

I'm on my way to Polonnaruwa from Colombo
May be This phone will be completely dead before 6.00pm

Very nice 👌
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Hi there are a few factors that can affect this.

There can be apps in the background eating ur battery.

Mobile data maybe constantly searching for a stable network to connect to especially on 4G and 5G. This may cause an unexpected battery drain.

SL is hotter than most regions and results in a higher drain.

You may have recently installed some update that has messed with the battery.

There are so many possibilities.

Also its a safe bet to take a powerbank or charger wherever you go, especially on a long trip.

I hope you'll turn on powersaving mode at least now and conserve ur battery.
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I got the solution, reset phone settings to default then it will be fine. And I got notification issue. It's solved too
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Hi, I have seeing few YouTube videos regarding A54 some people also taking about unusual heating and battery during. I think you have to wait until one ui 6 update. I'm planning to buy A54 or pixel 7, still waiting for price to be drop. Pixel phones have the same problems with heating and signal issues. I'm hoping android 14 will fix those errors.
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Let see
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Check your ram management settings and if you are using low ram set it to 6GB or 8GB.....
After that then check the heating issue.👾
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already set
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Don't buy pixel gor for another brand if you not interested in A54
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I'm also facing this problem.. I'm using a53 5G 🥲
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Let's wait until one ui 6