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Secure Startup

Protect your device by using a screen lock when your device turns on.

Require a numeric PIN or password to decrypt your device each time you power it on.

  1. From home, tap Apps  > Settings  > Lock screen and security .
  2. Tap Secure startup and follow the prompts to encrypt all data on your device.


Secure Startup basically encrypts the entire internal storage when Phone is restarted.

Ofcourse no information is left for the hacker attack or in case you lost your mobile before the decryption password is supplied.

It is sometimes required by some security policies      (Office 365/Official purpose) but most of the times its not necessary.

The problem is that the device will not be working until the PIN or password is input, no calls, message, internet will work as phone will not come up fully until we enter correct PIN. 

Important Note: We need to make sure we should not forget PIN or Password once Secure Startup is configured else phone will not come up after restart.

Beginner Level 2

How does this work with Samsung S10 Lite?

Beginner Level 2

I was able to do this on the note 9 but doesn't work on note 20. Please help. Would like to get this feature on the note 20.