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Hate the removal of features in the new update.

(Topic created on: 03-03-2024 08:54 AM)
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Galaxy A
I hate the new One U. I 6.0 update that was launched few days ago for the A52. There are some features missing which have annoyed me alot. The first feature missing is in the notification panel, the ability to click the name under the icon and open quick menu was great now you have to long press and go to settings to update or change anything for example in mobile hotspot you click on it and it showed you the name and password so that you can share hotspot. The second is missing of the refresh button from the weather widget on the home screen and lockscreen. Third one is removal of widgets from the always on display I used this feature alot! Used to be easy to access weather, recorder, music and see upcoming events from the black screen of always on display in the morning now I have to turn on the lock screen and use its widget which were before available on always on display as well.

Samsung please give me all these features back ASAP! 

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This update is nothing, just a gimmick. Anyway i often forget the settings and use what's available. Sometimes we miss things we used to use but they usually don't brings things back.
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کھودا پہاڑ نکلا چوہا
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That's why I ditched this piece of s.h i t Samsung as my primary phone. Moreover, the Good lock app has also removed some settings and left you with just a moderate level of customization.