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Got update of Android 11 (UI 3.0) on Samsung Galaxy A51.

(Topic created on: 03-31-2021 10:49 AM)
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Galaxy A
Recieved Android 11 (Samsung UI 3.0) update on my Samsung Galaxy A51 yesterday, i was checking it from that time after updates and I'm really impressed how swift was the update process.

I have tested almost 70% features till yet and it's smooth like water, Fantastic Outlook, Best Animations, Awsome Interface and i can simply say my device feels reborn after this update (With a Super Energy Addition) 😀. Yet, too much of excitement but i appreciate Samsung for this regular updates and more care of thier mid range customers. So, Finally we are enjoying flagship🔖 software experience with a Mid range smartphone.

Note for Samsung: We suggest to continue this great work and even extend update lif cycles upto 3 years. Furthermore, there are some minor glitches that will hopefully be resolved in next patch update. (Like Notification Tune of sms Sim1/Sim2 and other applications should be more customizable & option to switch between sim 1/2 in sms application)