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(Topic created on: 10-22-2022 06:28 PM)
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Galaxy A
Hi everyone, hoping someone can help me with this, I'm sure it is a simple setting that I can't seem to find. I play PunG on my SamsungA32 4G through the Game Launcher (it helps keep phone heating down). The settings in my game launcher is set to prioritize the smoothness of the game and I've set PubG to have access to run in the background. My problem: If I'm in PubG and have to minimize the game quickly to, let's say send a message or have to answer a call) and I expand the game again, it's thrown me completely out and I have to re enter the game from scratch. My daughter on the other hand plays on an OPPO but if she minimizes to do something and expands PubG again she's still in the lobby or the game she was busy with. Does anyone maybe know if this is a setting I have to change only phone? Thanks for any suggestions.