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Most of the people  might have heard about this app. 
It's  a app developed  by Samsung  Electronics for gaming purposes .

The first one is the game booster  plus 
Here we can customize and set all the necessary  things for a game to run 
1.We can set the performance 
2.Graphics quality 
3. FPS
4.And Brightness 
Or u can just set for what were we like Battery  saver , balance  the over all phone , or Max fps ,or just quality.. 
It is totally  dependent  on you .


2.  The next one is Perf Z
Here we check all the things when the game is running  like 
1. To check how many frames are being  used 
2. To check  the CPU storage 
3. To check GPU storage 
4. And the temperature  of the device. 


3.And the last one is the Daily limits here just set the time for a app to be used .
Or we can just use digital  wellbeing for setting  the time purpose..

The above  app only helps  to get a boost of              5% -10% for the phone on games .

So that's  it for this time.
And please  do follow  me.  
Thank you..

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not supported on M21 as of now