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Samsung Gallery updated with tablet/DeX UI, Samsung Notes learns new skills too

28 June 2021

The Samsung Gallery app gains a new “Drawer UI” in the latest update (, a handy way to navigate the folders on your device for Galaxy tablets or phones in DeX mode. It pulls out from the left and works similarly to a desktop file browser.

Samsung Gallery updated with Drawer UI and Full screen scrolling

Another change (this one seemingly for phones only) is the Full screen scrolling – basically, it hides the status bar and the navigation bar while you scroll, leaving more room for thumbnails (to bring the bars back just scroll up slightly).

Samsung Notes is also getting several new features with the latest build ( One lets you underline key phrases, circle important things and just draw over your notes. You can now also import PDFs and write and draw over them as well.

The Samsung Notes app can import PDFs, annotate them and record sound while taking notes

If you record audio while taking notes, the updated app can play back the audio while typing out the note just as you did when you created it. With Skip to the right spot, you can tap on a sentence to forward the audio recording to that point.

You can get both of these updates from the Galaxy Store.