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Galaxy A72- an update has arrived. (Probably should be the One UI 4.1)

(Topic created on: 04-20-2022 01:19 PM)
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Changelog doesnt mention that it's ONEUI 4.1 but it should be since its over 1GB, the software version is A725FXXU4BVC1. And there were no intermediate update seen internationally between the February security patch ad this update what's bring the March security patch inside it. Probably the case should be the mistakenly not updated changelog.
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Kindly note that the 4.1 update is nearly to 2GB so if it doesn't mention that as this screenshot below then it's just an improvement update..

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Thank you so much 😊Screenshot_20220421-071422_Software update_42329_1650505471.jpg
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Please read the post again carefully. (Meaning no offense)
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Update : It is ONE UI 4.1 as speculated and then confirmed above.
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🥲Good to hear bro.... But that's very doubtful... Anyway check and let us know...😁
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The arrived update is one ui 4.1
I installed the update.
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Nice to hear that my guess was on spot. I still haven't got a time to apply to mine. Thank you for the confirmation.
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Will wait and see 😀