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A7 2017 MY 4G got slower that 3G. I need to switch off one sim to use 4G at full speed or need to remove one sim card.

Tried resetting network access point settings.

Tried clearing cache

tried resetting network setting

tried on safe mode.

Finally did a factory reset.Nothing works.Problem seems to after security update on December 2019 (4G gets slow when I inserted my second sim even in slot1  or 2).

It was working fine before security updates. any Solutions?help



After 2nd security patch june 2020.4g connection problem solved for me.please check..for update on your device screenshot attachedScreenshot_20200724-055243_Software%20update.jpg

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Hello man ,did u fix the problem with the 4g,i have the same problem

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Hey there,

We are sorry to hear that, kindly visit the nearest service center with the phone to be checked. www.samsung.com/sa/support/servicelocation/.

Thank you


Hello there

i have the same problem that you have, 4G got very bad when both sim work in mobile when one removed every thing is good what ever the slot you are using , i have talked to all support agent chats  live support no one gave me any answer i tried factory reset and install new ROM and the problem still the same,

after Dec 19 security update installed i can't roll back to older version to fix this no available solution works till now , this month we've got security update i don't know why and what issues has been fixed no one care about this, so soon i will leave this mobile company to another one care about it's customers  how much time we have to submit reports about issue to solve it  customer satisfaction is not important for you very bad support and very slow solution