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Galaxy A53

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when unlocking phone using fingerprint its lagging and phone slow downing for 2 to 3 second in galaxy A53. If I disable fingerprint unlock and its working .pin/password/pattern unlocking also working smoothly .
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Hi 👋
Try these steps to fix the issue
1. If Storage is full try to delete some un used thing like apks, unused apps
2. Don't allow lot of background runnings
3. If any thing didn't change backup and reset the device
4. This is the last step.
Remove the screen protector and unlock via finger print sensor and if it works normally without any lag or stuck it means you need to replace screen protector to finger print compatible one

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I did this all steps. Except 4th option
I think screen protector is not big problem...
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A little trick that i use is to register the same fingerprint twice. This way the reading speed will be much faster. See if this helps you even a little bit.

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Thanks 😊😊