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There is a issue with finger print Scanner after latest update released on 11 Nov 2019. This update targeted specifically for figure print improvement, after update it requested to remove the old fingerprint scan and add new. when it promotes to scan for new t keeps on saying please cover entire Scanner and now its not adding fingerprint and use biometric to unlock....@samsung have improved the fingerprint or broke it .plz guys if you r going for latest update the plz be aware and do not messup with your fingerprint scanner


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Yes Bro....Rather than solving this issue its gone to make it more Complex or Buggy...Hence Soon Samsung may release new update to Counter this issue....
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You can try this , it works for me . I am able to register fingerprint
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remove tempered glass then use
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Hi there,


Kindly follow the below mentioned steps to resolve the issue:
> If any screen guard/tampered glass/protection film is available then first disable the fingerprint settings and then remove the screen guard.
> Once screen guard is removed now register the fingerprint again and check the issue
>Ensure that the fingerprint recognition area and your fingers are clean and dry.
> Make sure to use the central fingerprint parts evenly when you register or scan fingerprint, so that all portions of fingerprint, including the center and corners have been fully scanned.


Nevertheless, if the issue persists while registering or scanning your fingerprints, please visit the authorized Samsung service center, click the given link:


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