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Galaxy A33 5G is getting updated to stable Android 13 and One UI 5.0

(Topic created on: 11-11-2022 12:55 AM)
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Samsung has been really awesome with its fast software update this year. After releasing the stableAndroid 13 update to the Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, and Galaxy S22 over the past two weeks, it released the update to the Galaxy A53 5G yesterday. Yesterday, they had released the update to the Galaxy A33 5G.

TheAndroid 13 update to the Galaxy A33 5G is being rolled out with theA336BXXU4BVJG firmware release in Europe. The new software still includes the October 2022 security patch rather than the November 2022 security patch. Approximately, the update has a download size of2GB, so you should use a WiFi network to download the update.

If you have a Galaxy A33 5G and if you live in Europe, you can download and install the 
Android 13 update by heading to Settings to » Software update and tapping Download and install. 

TheAndroid 13 based 5.0 UI update brings a redesigned UI design, with the expanded Color Map feature, slightly larger icons in the notification area, and stacked widgets. The update also provides OCR (Optical Character Recognition) in stock camera, gallery, and keyboard applications. Samsung also improved all of its original applications to add more features.

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