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Galaxy A25_Mobile Security/App's/Screen Lock

(Topic created on: 05-16-2024 03:26 AM)
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Galaxy A
Hey there guys 🙂
Please help me with some advice or referrals.
1) I need to know what mobile security or anti-virus is the best these days and protects users 500% !!
2) Is there any app/wallpaper that protects users againts hackers, malware or even Spyware that keeps on taking over my device. It's going on like this from beginning of March 2024. 
Guys , please if anyone know, please answer me this as I did submitted numerous reports to GOogle and Samsung:
💥Device replaced twice (2 x bought new devices)
💥Sim swaps was done 7 times in the past 3 months
💥Wifi router replaced, password reset , factory reset wifi router 
💥Created 12 new Gmail accounts 
💥Same as Samsung accounts, can't even count how many 
💥key possession was created , fingerprint, face , patern and pins along with passwords. Backup codes get deleted or hidden
💥My Facebook and what's whatsapp was taken over and I get locked out my own device.
I can go on and on, I am really tired of this. 

Please guys, I need advice to resolve this, it's making me sick

Adding more insight
- I can not disable/delete unknown or pre installed apps.
- premisson management done by hidden applications??
- All my verification methods get reset 
What I also want to know is. If Google and Samsung keeps on updating performances ect on software , and security and privacy, how is it possible the get fullest access to my accounts 

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Galaxy A
Can you provide screenshots?

Note: Before you post the screeshots, blur all personal data on the screenshots, if any.