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Galaxy A 12 and screen mirroring

(Topic created on: 03-31-2022 02:51 PM)
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Galaxy A
I can't understand if something works okay why manufacturers decide to repair it. The screen mirroring function has disappeared from the Galaxy A12. So how does one mirror to your TV screen now? My TV is a Samsung Smart TV (UA46F5500AKXXA). Nothing that I try with the "SmartThings" App works. Both the phone and the TV are logged into my Samsung account. Although this particular model TV is not listed in the Smart Things app as a supported device the TV is detected by, visible and active in the What Things app on my phone, but content only displays on my phone, it doesn't stream to the TV. Can someone help please. Do I need to activate something else on my TV or what? The only available options on the TV under the sources menu are TV, HDMI 1, 2 & 3, USB 1 & 2, AV, Component and  Screen mirroring (which is now useless).