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Salf addressed Dixit Raheja
Kaithal, Haryana, 136027
Docket (grievance) number 1896341 
 Samsung India Electronics Private Limited Co., Ltd Adderss 20th to 24th floor, Two Horizon centre, Golf course road, DLF Phare 5, Sector 43, Gurugram, Haryana 122202 Number 
Forgery of my sign on job sheet by Samsung Service Center & Defective service by damaging the product given for service 
Respected Sir,
a) I had given my phone model SM-A605GZBHINS to Samsung Care BHARTI COM. on 3736633400 by reference and job sheet no. 4284636545. 
b) That I purchased this abovementioned phone on 21.sep.2018 after which I face difficulty with the product as it was defective and needed repair. That till date it has been given to service centre for the purpose of repairing/updates/etc. 
c) That my phone had a major defect that could not be fixed and I asked for replacement which was blatantly refused by Samsung care. 
d) That further, the life of a smartphone is up to 3 years. I cannot visit the service centre again and again. I cannot get my phone repaired again and again. My phone has a manufacturing problem.
 e) That a forge signature has been done twice without my permission. When I asked for a job sheet (job. no. 4275907967,4285626177) from Samsung but was refused by them. 
f) That Samsung Service Centre has used a local gum inside my phone which against their policy but not the prescribed tape by company which damaged my phone. Sir, if I had to use gum of Rs5 than, I would not have come to the service centre. Neither I had to pay Rs 500. If I have spent Rs 21990 on this phone not to .
 g) Sir, this money means a lot to me. So I want the phone refund to be returned to meisit service centre repeatedly
 h) That my phone has been sent to service centre for repair many time for following defects:
 • 1st job sheet no. 4275907967(Dated: 14.01.19)My phone was getting slow charged. Service centre refused to change my phone charger. But they updated the software in my phone. But he changed the data cable without asking me. And they have not given me the data cable. And they did not get me signed. I think they did my **bleep** signature 
• 2st job sheet 4284636545(14.06.19) I went to the service center on 14 June 2019.Where I was wrongly served. At that time I did not know that they had given me wrong service. At that time, my phone camera is broken. Then, my phone was repaired in out of warranty. For which I paid the charges. But that service center also used local gum. Inside the bill is all mentions that tape was not used. The price of the tape was not more than 20 rupees. I went back to them within 15 days because there was a dust in the camera. They kept my phone for a long time. 
•3thJob sheet 4285626177 I submitted my phone to Kaithal Service Center on 22 June 2019. But my phone was deposited in Pundri on 29 June 2019. I did not submit the phone to Pundari Service Center. At the time of inquiry, I came to know that he has done my **bleep** signature. And It was sent to Pundari without asking me. My phone had a dusty soil problem, but these people show the problem in the speaker camera. But there is no problem in speaker camera. My phone has dusty soil problem. So, it is effected by ESD. 
• 4th job sheet 4289189793. 23.08.19. When I came back to them again, they changed the cameras. Still, the problem was not solved. 
• 5th time None of my problems were solved. I went back to them. I got my phone repaired there and also got my phone warranty extended (09.14.2019). I had given money to extend my phone's warranty. I was not given any job sheet of any kind 
• 6th job sheet 4290554132 (14.09.19) There was a again charging problem of my phone. I don't know what they did with my phone? My phone was opened there and charges were again taken from me. Whenever I get my phone deposited in the service center My phone used to get more than 2 days. I used to go there with the same problem of dust every time. But he used to show the problem differently every time. I was busy in Delhi for 2 months. When I went to the service center with my phone, they declared my phone out of warranty. I asked to change my glass back camera. Then I called the toll free number in early December. I called the toll free number for four days. At last I got complimented in the Consumer Foru (1810925).I tried my best to bring them. But he did not give any solution of any kind. After a month, did this case close? 
• 7th job sheet 4298947873 02.04.19 The Samsung used local gum in my phone. Showing me the same gum, my phone was out of warranty. Tollfree number-Then they said that my phone has a dent, so my phone has been declared out of warranty. • 1896341- I recompiled in the consumer forum again. • Only one reply came from his side. jo karana hai kar lo. • I asked him to demand a job sheet. He flatly refused. • If I put Rs 21990 on this phone I did not make the rounds of the service center. • Sir, I went a refund for both my phone and warranty extension.
 My phone SM-A605GZBHINS 
My Reference number 3736633400 
Name Dixit Raheja
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post it on all social media platforms, time has come to move to redmi or realme smartphones. Samsung's brand name is also degrading now.