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Flashing A Samsung Mobile

(Topic created on: 04-27-2022 12:02 PM)
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Hi All,

I am going to share some information regarding flashing a mobile phone.

Flashing is upgradation or installation of Firmware Software on any mobile phone. Its 100% safe if all steps are followed as mentioned. Firmwares are designed according to regions and countries. There are some region specific apps that get included with Softwares/Firmwares. You cannot manually download or install them but only if you are in specific country or region.

Whenever a cell phones software gets damaged by unwanted apps, resetting a cell phone can recover it to its normal state. But sometimes, some malicious apps get into Phones Root Area and damage OS functionality. To recover your mobile from OS related issues, Flashing is performed.

Steps to be followed.

1. Download odin software from official site.
2. Download firmware for your mobile from official Samsung site, you can also download it from samfrew site. Make sure the firmware is designed for your Mobile with correct model number. Country doesn't not matter but model number must be same.

3. Backup your data such as pics, videos, contacts to safe place. Flashing does not harm it but its always safe to do this.

4. Use this tutorial for flashing your Samsung device. 

5. Make sure to enable USB debugging mode on in developers option of your mobile.
6. You can google it for how to enable developer options on your mobile if not already enabled.

7. During Flashing, connection of cellphone to laptop must not break, otherwise your cell phone can go into a dead state.

8. Dead state is also recoverable but it will take much efforts.

9. Flashing will take less than 3 minutes. And after its done, you must hard reset your cell phone to get maximum performance from newly installed firmware. 

Comment for any questions...