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Why is the fingerprint very slow in a52
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A52 has an Under Display Optical fingerprint sensor hence they light up that part(fp sensor) of the display to capture the fingerprint unlike ultrasonic which does not requires lighting up.
This process takes more milliseconds than the avarage.
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It's not rear fingerprint sensor so it can be some kind of slow
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Hi Thurunu,
Galaxy A52 have a on display fingerprint.

The device’s ultrasonic fingerprint sensor may not recognize fingerprints from fingers that are too dry, and recognition rate may be also low. If the recognition rate is low, it is because the device tries scanning repeatedly to get the fingerprints with better quality, so the unlocking speed may become slow. However, this is not a device defect but normal operation.

If you moisten your finger properly by using hand cream and try again, the recognition speed will be better

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Hi there, under display fingerprint scanners can definitely be a bit slower than scanning through a dedicated fingerprint sensor. But there are ways to overcome the issue.

#1 reregister your frequently used finger more than once. I personally register the same finger twice and it definitely speeds up the reading process.

#2 Go to settings 》 biomentrics 》 fingerprints and turn off "Show animations when unlocking"

Both these will speed up how fast you get into your phone from the lockscreen.

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