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Fever loss and damage after I went to fix the manufacturing problem that caused

(Topic created on: 07-26-2021 02:36 PM)
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Galaxy A
#Samsung in Sri Lanka is a phone company full of frauds and scams. The Samsung Galaxy has become a household name due to their work in the country. Samsung Galaxy phone after sales service will not be active in our country. Because it has been more than a month since I let my Samsung Galaxy A80 phone be repaired. My phone still has a warranty period. My phone had a charging ic damaged. I went to the Samsung Services center to fix it and fixed what happened. But that phone already had the original camera, the original battery and the other ones repaired (there was nothing wrong with either of these. The battery is damaged). Now the phone has been handed over to the company to recreate what happened but the phone is not finished yet. My phone has no value now since I gave it to them. I went to see my phone one day a week now. He said that Samsung did not have the relevant parts in the company or in its warehouse. For more than a month now, let me do justice to my phone. Give me a phone for parts or phone to make a phone. My phone still has a warranty period.
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Mage phone ekath repair kala samsung service center ekakin display ekai charging port ekai replace kara dan phone eka patta slow godak lag wenawa repair karanna kalin kisima aulak thibbe na phone eka heat wenawa patta yanna reset kara eth hariyanne na
Melo rahak na samsung service eka