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Extremely unsatisfied customer service from samsung

(Topic created on: 07-09-2020 10:33 AM)
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Hello, Seems to be let u know worst i had with "Samsung service center" .
I have a great trust in Samsung "Galaxy A50s" purchased on 2nd JAN 2020 i was very happy with the device and the kind of features it has. I was literally in love with the device. 
on 2nd july i ended up meeting with a minor accident my phone fell down from my pocket when i picked up the phone to check i came to know the beautiful display got broke.
with great hopes of fixing my device I visited service center "ADONI Kurnool district" .
After visiting the store i came to know about the weird Samsung policy of claiming warranty.  the service center representative requested me to bring the original packaging provided by the Samsung. 
I never thought i would be needing the original packaging to claim the warranty.
I am sure know body would be carrying the original packaging to claim the warranty and it is not i a wise idea to ask your customer to keep the box safe with them through out the product life time, which is practically not possible .
I wish I could really claim the warranty and get my device fixed and as it is going to be the paid service (Replacement of broken screen) 
I am sure to get any paid service you wont be needing any original package or the Invoice.
The customer service center representative kept stating that it wont be possible to find these pairs .
I am sure you will look on to this problem and help me get my device fixed.
I am not bringing this issue to your notice just because it is my problem. 
Just way of you treating customer will effect your brand "Negatively"  You must fix the problem to keep the customer trust alive.
Looking forward for your quick reply.
Best Regards
Harish Rao (Samsung customer from last 10 Years)
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not only Samsung...in the history none of the mobile companies provide warranty when a device damaged accidentally..no warranty for accidental damage, cosmetic issue,water lag or water damage
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For Any physical damages or water damages ,no warranty can be claimed, in some cases they ask for original invoices just to know the device is not stolen or something like that( it depends on their terms) also spares will be not available for some devices they will take some days of time and get it repaired. It can be only done by paying the required amounts.
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Dear Samsung Member,

Greetings from Samsung Customer Support!


We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you and request you kindly register your concern in Samsung Members app (Samsung Members app > Get help > Feedback > ask question). Please be assured your issue will be resolved soon.


Thank you for writing to Samsung.


Warm Regards,
Samsung Customer Support

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I have orderd s24 ultra received the same but while charging while calling while surfing doing any thing handset is getting hot to much even we cannot hold ....what a poor products samsung is making ....