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Designed to bring essential features and awesome mobile experiences to everyone, Samsungโ€™s Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 devices let you live in the here and now. Their stunning design and premium displays give you greater freedom to do exactly what you want to do with your phone in style.

You can even push the boundaries of conventional mobile photography with your Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71โ€™s 5MP Macro Lens โ€“ first introduced to Galaxy devices on the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 โ€“ which is perfect for showcasing your subject in all its glory no matter its size, with natural bokeh effects and refined detail enhancement.

For this latest installment in our series showcasing how you can make the most of the Macro Lens, weโ€™re changing up the scale. Say youโ€™re looking to photograph something tiny. Capture a close-up shot of it with the Macro Lens, crop out any identifying features in the background, and when you come to upload it to social media, youโ€™ll be sure to have all your friends thinking itโ€™s life-size โ€“ giving you the satisfaction of unveiling that all is not as it seems.


Following are some images captured with the Macro Lens of Galaxy A51. Check if you can identify where the miniature objects shown in the first image have been placed on. 



Take a look at this photo taken with the Macro Lens. What have these miniature Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 devices been placed on?

**Miniature device lock screen wallpaper has been inserted digitally.


The miniature devices have been placed on a head of broccoli. Did you guess it right?



Thanks to the power of the Macro Lens, it looks like this miniature family of ducks is enjoying an afternoon swim. What have they actually been placed on?


The ducks have been placed on a paint pallet!



This miniature summertime scene looks as if it is taking place in a tropical location. But what sweet treat is in fact serving as a substitute for a golden sand beach?


 We know that it's not an easy guess. It's a capture of the centerpiece of this afternoon tea set, a pudding!


Galaxy-A51-A71-Macro-Lens_Miniature_main_4-q4_F.jpgThanks to the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71โ€™s Macro Lens, it looks like these intrepid explorers have just set foot on the moon. But what regular object have they actually discovered?


It's a soccer ball!


Wondering how you, too, can bring to life your own miniature scenes with your Galaxy A51 or Galaxy A71? Just open up the Camera app, click โ€˜Moreโ€™ on the cameraโ€™s main option toolbar and select the Macro option to get shooting. To have quick access to the Macro Lens anytime you want, you can add the Macro Lensโ€™ icon into the main camera toolbar by holding and dragging down the icon from within the โ€˜Moreโ€™ options menu.



Get creative. Share your very best and most convincing shots taken on the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71โ€™s Macro Lens in the comment section below or on Galaxy Gallery. 

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