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Different between iPhone and Samsung device

(Topic created on: 08-31-2022 08:04 AM)
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I used to use iphone before I purchase the Samsung A22 5G after couple of days time I notice major features which provide Samsung unique from others are not available in Samsung A22 5G

As I am from Sri Lanka NFC support is removed out also a very basic feature like secure folder is not available in this mobile phone not only that so many features what Samsung high and devices getting is not included in this device

But never had this kind of problem when I am using iPhone other than the camera each and every feature is same in every iPhone if it is run the same OS version also it's gets 5 years updates

Nowadays Android a very popular only because of the economic crisis which we face nowadays this is opportunity that Samsung have but which they are not getting use of it

Rajdan buying a new iPhone decide to use this Samsung A22 5G with the Limited facilities cause there is no other option hope Samsung will of Samsung will at some basic features into this mobile with their next OS update which is Android 13 which will be the last OS update for this device

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I don't think its fair to compare an iphone to a midrange Samsung phone. While Apple caters to a crowd with a large spending limit, Samsung has devices for budget/mid and high end spenders. To keep the price point down, Samsung has to make compromises and reduce features. While i agree that Apple has a more uniform eco system, i don't think it will be a fair comparison. Which iphone did u use previoisly?
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Frankly speaking this is not the point that I want to point out
I used use iPhone 8 for couple of years
IPhone versions are very for and prices different configurations different sizes different camera performance but the old have ios even I have iPhone 8 a user who has iPhone 13 no any difference other than the hardware
Even mid range Samsung supposed to give full capabilities like other players
Not only Apple ecosystem Huawei Vivo xiaomi Oppo everyone gives full access to their ecosystem if you don't have very budget phone