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Battery life

(Topic created on: 11-29-2022 08:09 AM)
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Anyone has battery life problems after the OneUI update?

This is a Galaxy A52

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Hi... I'm also heard a few battery drain issues after the 13 update. Hope Samsung will fix any issues with next updates.
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Hello Im also using Galaxy A52 But im not facing any issue the battery performance is normal for me
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Hi 👋

It is normal, cause every one ui updates came with some bugs and don't worry about it because they will fix it by next security patch level update 📲

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Bugs happens. that why some people don't instantly want to enjoy newer versions of Uis.. 🙂 do u?
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According to me, there may be some sort of error in the update released on your Galaxy device. It will likely be solved by future security patch updates.

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Thanks... 👍